Playing out

15 February 2012

When I picked the darlings up from my parents house this afternoon, we came home and had a lovely play in the garden! Something we've not really done for a while. It was quite warm (still wrapped them up in loads of layers though) and the sun was trying to get out too!

I tidied the garden up a bit and got rid of a few weeds. Oliver just ran round like a maniac for a while then had a few goes on the slide. Lydia played on the rocking horse for ages and then I put her on the bike (her first time on it). It's a smart trike so she was strapped in or else I think she's have fallen! I think I pushed her round the garden about 100 times -well,  it felt like it!

It was lovely and it just reminded me of last summer when I was on maternity leave and we were out in the garden every day... I can't wait for summer to come and we can play out all the time! I think we might have to have a bit of a garden makeover though because it's looking a too scruffy!

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