My baby in hospital

21 February 2012

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog this week but I've had a pretty traumatic few days. It all started on Thursday evening. The darlings went to bed at 7pm as they usually do but at about 8.30 I heard Lydia crying so went up to see her. As soon as I opened the bedroom door, the smell of sick hit me! It was everywhere!!! She was sat up in her cot looking all forlorn! After a massive clean up operation (I was nearly sick myself!) she went back to sleep only to wake up a couple more times in the night to be sick again.

I didn't go to work on Friday as she was still throwing up and just wanted to cuddle and sleep. This carried on all day Friday, throughout the night and Saturday too... my poor baby was being sick about every 2-3 hours, sometimes more often. It was just water though as she wasn't eating anything so I was making sure she drank lots. It was awful to see her like that but I wasn't overly worried as I've been through sickness bugs with Oliver and thought she would start getting better soon. Anyway, she had a nap in her cot on Saturday afternoon, and when she woke up, I went up and she had just been sick again but it was a horrible greeny browny colour. I shit myself then!!! I rang my mum in tears (hubby was out watching footie!) she told me to ring NHS direct which I did and spoke to a very nice nurse who told me to take her to A&E to get her checked over. Hubby arrived back home and was really worried when he saw me crying and how much worse she'd got. Oliver was crying too because I was upset so it was all a bit traumatic!

We dropped Oliver off at my mum and dad's then went to A&E which luckily is just round the corner from where we live. It was heaving in there! We had to wait for what felt like an eternity(but was probably about 1 hour) to be seen by the triage nurse. Lydia was just laying there in my arms and by now had been sick a couple more times which looked like it had blood in it. Anyway, the triage nurse sent us to see the out of hours GP who works from the A&E department as there was a 3+ hour wait to see an A&E doctor! The GP checked her over and said she wanted a pediatrician to look at her as she was concerned about her being dehydrated. Unfortunately, there are no pediatricians at our hospital so we drove to another hospital which is about 10 minutes drive away. We were seen quite quickly there and the doctor was also concerned about her being dehydrated so decided to admit her to the children's observation ward.

My poorly baby on the children's observation ward.

By now I think it was about 11pm but I'd totally lost track of time by then! The nurse on the ward told us that they were filling up fast with babies of a similar age being admitted with a sickness bug.

After quite a long wait for the ward doctor to arrive, Lydia was examined again, and while he was there she was sick again, this time there was definitely some blood there. It was just the most awful thing seeing her like that and I just wished it was me rather than her. The doctor explained that her food pipe had a small tear in it from the constant retching and she was slightly dehydrated. The plan of action was to give her some anti sickness medicine and to try and get her to drink some Dioralyte (it's a sachet of powder that is mixed with water and helps replace salts and water lost by the body when you have sickness or diarrhoea). If she wouldn't drink it they would have to put her on a drip to give her fluids intravenously. They also wanted to take some blood from her to check that it wasn't anything else causing her to be ill.

So she had the anti sickness medicine and a really big drink of the Dioralyte (after I put some dilute orange into the water as she didn't like the taste of it on it's own!) then the part I was dreading... to put a cannula into her hand. To be honest she took it all in her stride and only cried a little but she was so tired and weak by then that she probably couldn't be bothered to cry. They took the blood samples, then put a splint and bandage round her little arm in case they needed to give her some fluids intravenously. 

By now it was 2am and the nurses got my fold up bed ready and we both got our heads down for some sleep. Lydia was out like a light, she was so exhausted. I was surprised at how well I slept too! She woke a few times for a drink but thankfully no more sick! We woke at 8am and she sat up in her cot and seemed much better, she even had a little play with one of the toys in her room.

Feeling better the next morning!

She was still sleepy and soon nodded off again so I went to get some breakfast! She woke up while I was eating my toast and pointed at it so I gave her a tiny piece which she had a little nibble of. The doctor came round a while later and was really pleased with how much better she was and said we could go home! So her cannula was taken out (she cried much more than when it was put in!) and hubby came to take us home.

It was so lovely to get home and see Oliver, I missed him so much! Lydia slept most of the afternoon, then woke up just in time for tea and even ate a little bit.

So all in all it was a traumatic weekend that I don't ever want to repeat again! I've never ever been as worried about either of my children as I was whilst sat in that A&E waiting room. It's only today that she has finally seemed more like her normal self and has been really smiley and chatty. I'm so grateful to all the doctors and nurses who looked after her, they are all truly amazing people.

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