Eat less, move more

24 February 2012

So a bit about my weight loss plan... as I mentioned before I've signed up to Nutracheck's online food diary service. It's basically a calorie counting weight loss plan (don't like calling it a diet!). You put in your personal details... age, sex, height, weight, activity levels, weight goals and it tells you how many calories you can have per day and how many calories to burn from exercise per day.

I want to lose 2lb per week so based on all my details I have 1727 calorie intake and 200 calories to burn per day. Then you can choose an 'easy' day so you get more calories that day and less calories for the rest of the week. My easy day is Saturday when I can have 2245 cals, so the rest of the week I have 1641 cals per day. A typical day would be:

Breakfast = 323 cals
Plain porridge made with semi skimmed milk and 1tsp Canderel, Alpen Light Cereal Bar, Banana

Lunch = 432 cals
Vegetable soup with 2 slices of Weightwatchers thick sliced bread, Mullerlight yoghurt, Walkers French Fries crisps

Dinner = 607 cals
Home made bolognaise sauce with a small portion of pasta, cheesy garlic bread

Supper = 228 cals
Weetabix with whole milk and 1tsp Canderel

Total = 1590 cals

I usually have a few calories spare at the end of the day so that if I go a little over one day , I will still be under for the whole week (hope this makes sense!)

The eating part is fine but I'm struggling to do any exercise at all. I try to go to Aqua Zumba on a Sunday afternoon but haven't made it for a couple of weeks. I've got a fitness DVD but have yet to give it a go as I've been too lazy and knackered on an evening when the darlings are in bed!

Oh well, hopefully with summer coming and lighter evenings I'll make a bit more effort!

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