Bottom of the list

28 February 2012

I was getting the darlings ready this morning... got them dressed, washed, teeth brushed, hair brushed and there was me still standing there in my nightie! I said to Oliver 'my turn now!' and it made me think that I'm always last... bottom of the list!

Obviously this isn't a sudden revelation! Yesterday, I made omelettes for lunch. Hubby and the darlings sat at the table devouring them (they were very popular!), when they'd finished I cleared everything away, cleaned hands and faces (the kids, not hubby!) and finally sat down to eat my lunch! Another example of me being last.

Now I might sound like I'm moaning about being bottom of the list of priorities but I'm not, because it's MY list of priorities. I really don't mind being last. I had 33 years of doing whatever I wanted so now it's time to put others - namely my children - first.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a martyr and I'm FAR from the perfect mum! I occasionally do things just for myself too. I'm having my hair cut and highlighted on Thursday afternoon and I can't bloody wait! Two whole hours to myself, to read a magazine and have a cup of tea in peace!

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