Balancing Act

8 February 2012

Hubby is on the late shift this week which means he works from 1.30pm till 10pm. So he stays at home with the darlings while I go to work from 7.30am till 12.30pm. We kind of do a quick swap over when I get home, then he goes off to work! When he's on the early shift (6am - 1.30pm) my parents look after the darlings. I realise we're VERY lucky to have this arrangement so that we don't have to pay for childcare.

Work was nice and steady today. The company I work for is a network of independent financial advisers and my department investigates complaints about them! My job is to do the admin for the department, so I deal with correspondence and requesting information from various different parties so that we can investigate the complaint. 

Me at my desk a few years ago!

This wasn't originally my career of choice but various events have led me to where I am today! I graduated from uni in 2000 with a degree in Marketing. Shortly after graduating, I went to work for a carpet manufacturer as Marketing Assistant but a couple of years later the company closed down and I was made redundant. Luckily I was offered a job with the parent company in customer services which I took as a stop gap until I found another marketing job. Well I ended up loving the job and stayed there for 5 years! I left there to work for a bank call centre which only lasted a year as I hated it! So in January 2007 I started work for the company I'm with now, firstly as a Complaints Co-ordinator and then as Complaints Administrator when I returned to work part time after maternity leave when Oliver was born. 

I enjoy my job and work with a fab bunch of people, I feel like 'Debra' for a few hours a day instead of 'Mummy'! I love the darlings with all my heart but I feel that the balance between my work and home life makes me a better, more relaxed mum!

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